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4x4 winter tyres

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are a must if you plan to be mobile in the colder seasons. Even if you aren’t planning to be out and about, it’s still recommended that you keep a spare set of winter wheels fitted with winter tyres or snow tyres stored at your home. This way, if the weather takes a turn for the worst, you won’t be forced to drive in hazardous winter conditions with inappropriate tyres. Prepare for ice and snow with dependable winter tyres – see our selection from 4SITE 4x4 Tyres.


The technology that goes into winter tyres includes enhanced siping for improved grip on snow and more aggressive tread patterns to cut through to the road. 


4SITE 4x4 Tyres stocks a wide variety of winter tyres from multiple manufacturers. Here at 4SITE 4X4 Tyres we stock the following 4X4 winter tyres:


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The General Tire Snow Grabber plus is General Tire‘s new SUV/4x4 dedicated non-studded Winter tyre.The General Tire Snow Grabber Plus replaces the non-studded General Tire Snow Grabber. This winter tyre offers SUV/4x4 specific toughness and winter performance while maintaining a high level of comfort comparable to passenger car and 4x4 tyres.


Tracgen Technology

Experience exceptional traction in winter Snow Ridges help you stay in control on snow covered roads providing excellent grip especially when cornering. Jagged Groove Walls provide a wider contact area that achieves shorter stopping distances on snow. Exceptional winter performance is guaranteed!

Duragen Technology

Reinforce your confidence The Snow Grabber Plus utilises a robust structure concept with Tread Block Reinforcement Buttress that adds strength and rigidity to tread blocks and reduces block damage. lnterlocking
SUV Winter Sipes decrease block deformation which improves stability when the vehicle is heavily loaded. Ultra high strength steel belts achieve exceptional penetration resistance and a uniform footprint for confident stability during your winter adventure.

High Mileage

The computer-optimised pattern design achieves a uniform material distribution which lets you gather more miles thanks to the even wear shape. The optimised pattern stiffness allows an even pressure distribution that minimises wear-causing distortion. Benefit from the extended tread life that lets you enjoy extra miles!


Off-shoulder design - Macro blocks on the off-shoulder area provide additional biting edges to improve grip and driving control on deep snow.

Snow grooves - Two circumferential grooves on the upper sidewall area provide additional void to discharge snow to enhance deep snow traction.

Rim protection rib - The Rim Protection Rib shields the tyre and wheel bead area from damage caused by curbstones and off-road obstacles.

The Snow Grabber Plus tyre's "Snow Claw design" symbolises the innovative Traction features to take you anywhere, even in the worst wintry conditions

Let the Snow Grabber Plus tyre tell you when it’s a good time for a tyre change. The 4x4 tyre technology that increases your safety.

The Winter TWI (Tread Wear Indicator) indicates a remaining tread depth of 4mm. We recommend that the tyres should be changed when the tread depth reaches 4 mm in order to optimise safety in the wet and snow. lf the tyre is worn down to the Winter TWl, this is a clear signal that the tyre needs to be changed.

The new non-studded winter tyre line specifically designed for SUV / 4x4 vehicles takes you anywhere, even in the worst wintry conditions. Innovative trac- tion features offer excellent grip on snow for an excep- tional wintertime experience


CONTINENTAL ContiCrossContact Winter (ORGI-2)

Developed using a special mix, the ContiCrossContact Winter tyre is built to last. Its design also offers noticeably better performance on snow and ice. The tyre’s sipe concept gives it stability and supports a direct distribution of force. The tyre’s design enables high water absorption and drainage.

ContiCrossContact Winter (ORGI-2)

CONTINENTAL ContiWinterContact TS 830 P (ORGI-2)

High block stiffness in the tread pattern centre and the large number of sipes with maximum formation of gripping edges provide improved braking power on wet and icy roads. The large number of blocks and sipes on the tyre shoulders create a multitude of gripping edges and consequently more effective traction in snow..

ContiWinterContact TS 830 P (ORGI-2)


Go beyond where the road ends with the all-new GEOLANDAR A/T G015™. This all-terrain tire has been engineered to give you ultimate traction across conditions, whether you're rolling down the highway or leaving the pavement behind.

Featuring the ‘3 peak and Snowflake’ winter capability mark is one tyre at home in two worlds. Tough terrain is just a call to action for the all new GEOLANDAR A/T –YOKOHAMA’s ultra-competitive all-terrain workhorse for SUVs. Yet, when civilization beckons, it‘s sophisticated enough to be invited to the party.

Need more advice on choosing the best winter tyres for 4x4 vehicles? Find your nearest 4SITE 4x4 Tyres centre today for expert advice and fitting of your winter 4x4 tyres. 



This tyre stands out for the excellent handling and supreme driving comfort it provides. It ensures excellent grip and low noise levels at low temperatures, even through water or on snow. The tyre has an elegant tread pattern with an asymmetric design, ensuring that the most demanding driver remains in full control, even in the most difficult weather conditions. 



SCORPION™ WINTER has been designed to fit modern SUVs and CUVs, with a special focus on the high-end segment. The goal is no fear in down-hill braking and cornering in winter road conditions, whilst maintaining total control.


  • Directional & symmetric tread pattern design with modular block geometry and sipe layout
  • Circumferential grooves: two and four groove version
  • New mould profile
  • New tread pattern compound with innovative materials
  • Increasing “grip”: handling and traction on snow conditions and braking performance on dry surfaces
  • Improves the water expulsion
  • Provides an optimized footprint area
  • Maximum grip both on snow and wet road conditions, weight reduction
  • Improved handling on snow surfaces and reduce the braking distance in all winter driving conditions. Improve traction, lateral force during cornering, slalom and lane change situations
  • Excellent wet handling and wet braking performance
  • Progressive and responsive handling in dry conditions
  • Lower fuel consumptions and maximum grip both on snow and wet road conditions

SCORPION™ WINTER has been designed to fit modern SUVs and CUVs, with a special focus on the high-end segment. The tyre provides safety by guaranteeing maximum stability and control in snow, wet and dry conditions. SCORPION™ WINTER ensures excellent braking and handling and lower noise and rolling resistance.


DUNLOP SP Winter Sport 3D (ORGI-2)

Optimised to handle every kind of winter condition, thanks to three different sipes positioned on specific parts of the tyre. The special silica compound stays flexible at low temperatures to give you high levels of grip on wet and dry roads. Pressure is distributed evenly across a wide contact patch, helping to maintain road adherence. Benefiting from Dunlop Touch Technology to give you a better feel for the road – crucial for establishing control and handling. A new interlocking 3D sipe creates a tight shoulder area, which improves handling and stability on dry roads. Directional grooves create rapid and turbulence free water drainage, increasing aquaplaning resistance.

SP Winter Sport 3D (ORGI-2)


Excellent grip and high handling performance in all winter conditions. The hydrodynamic grooves help to channel the water away from the tyre surface which reduces the risk of aquaplaning and improves traction on melting snow. Benefit from shorter braking distance when it matters most - thanks to Goodyear’s SnowProtect Technology for superior winter performance.


GOODYEAR Ultragrip+ SUV (ORGI-4)

  • Performance all winter long
  • Superb grip and handling on snow and ice
  • Off road performance
  • Improved resistance to aquaplaning

The performance SUV tyre that delivers all-round winter traction with superb grip and handling on snow and ice. The UltraGrip SUV’s high-density radial blades help to maintain optimal adhesion on snow, ice and wet. Tackle the worst of winter conditions with Goodyear’s 3D-BIS Technology® which uses interlocking blades that provide a high number of biting edges to give you all-round winter traction. The UltraGrip SUV comfortably tackles off-road terrain with shoulder blocks that are designed to quickly rip through and evacuate mud and snow. Wide grooves in the tread are designed to shed water and slush, helping to prevent your SUV from aquaplaning.

Ultragrip+ SUV (ORGI-4)

DUNLOP Winter Sport 5 SUV (ORGI-2)

Provides exceptional winter handling and braking ability for high performance cars. Combining a unique tread design with high grip materials, it is designed to deliver optimal control on snow, ice, wet and dry surfaces. The unique tread design puts a high number of biting edges in contact with the road, giving you enhanced traction on snow and ice. Deep snow notches grab onto the surface, adding extra grip when accelerating, braking and hill climbing.

Winter Sport 5 SUV (ORGI-2)

CONTINENTAL WinterContact TS 860 S (ORGI-2)

Thanks to the special construction of the traction sipes and the new designed snow groves which interlock with the snow, significantly increases traction and handling comfort on snow covered roads. The blocks of the rib are only separated through thin lateral grooves which form a stiff rib due to the forces while braking. This leads to shorter braking distance especially for sporty driving in wintry conditions. Wider and bigger blocks on the outside shoulder increase the contact area which results in a larger footprint for maximum control and steering precision while cornering on dry wintry roads. Due to its combination of innovative compound, profile and construction the WinterContact TS 860 S efficiently reduces the rolling resistance for higher fuel saving – without compromising the safety. 

WinterContact TS 860 S (ORGI-2)

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