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General Tire is one of the two leading global brands from Continental, Europe’s largest tyre manufacturer, and has more than 100 years of experience in the industry. This brand is also Continental’s fastest growing, with more than ten million tyres sold annually. It is the class leader in the 4X4 sector, offering the widest range of tyres on the market.


General Tire offers a comprehensive range of durable, reasonably priced tyres for all situations, covering 91% of cars and 88% of vans. A third of vehicles manufactured in Europe are equipped with Continental tyres, providing and catering to a continuous consumer demand.


General Tire invests more than £1 million in research and development every year, ensuring continuous product improvement. General Tire manufactures and tests to the same exacting standards as Continental, with five times more checks than are legally required.


The General Tire product range includes a wealth of unique technical features such as the Visual Alignment Indicator and the Replacement Tyre Monitor, designed to improve mileage, optimise tyre performance and increase safety.


4SITE 4x4 Tyres stocks a range of reliable, high quality General Tire tyres. Find out which General Tire tyres best suit your vehicle with our online tyre selector tool. Then enter your postcode into our Tyre Centre search tool to find your nearest 4SITE 4x4 Tyres approved Tyre Centre. Our efficient service means that you could have these tyres fitted to your vehicle as soon as tomorrow. Please view the list below for our full range of General Tire 4x4 tyres.


The General Grabber AT³ is an exceptional all-season, all-terrain 4x4 tyre designed by General Tire offering outstanding performance both on and off-road. The General Tire Grabber AT³ features the same rugged build as the AT2, protecting the tracks and sidewall from damage, and ensuring a comfortable ride for the driver. As the third in a series of impressive all-terrain tyres, the General Grabber AT³ is a huge improvement upon its predecessors, being the first of the General Grabber tyres to be made with all three of General Tire’s brand new technologies - TracGen, DuraGen and ComfortBalance.

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The General Grabber AT³ is the first tyre made with General Tire’s TracGen technology. Featuring an open shoulder tread layout with a number of traction pockets and angled sipes, TracGen technology provides the General Grabber AT³ with extraordinary grip on loose terrain and gives it an incredible self-cleaning ability, meaning less work for you.


DuraGen is designed to aid the tyres on rough terrain. The tyre is made with a newly designed compound allowing for excellent chip and cut resistance, with stone bumpers protecting the tread base to stop stones getting stuck and causing damage to the tyre, and sturdy steel belts to keep the tyres solid - boosting your ability to cover ground quickly on loose terrain.


Along with DuraGen and TracGen technologies, the General Grabber AT³ features ComfortBalance technology. ComfortBalance provides the General Grabber AT³ with exceptional all-terrain ability. The low stiffness tread and modified block positioning in the centre of the tyre makes for a perfect balance of on-road comfort and off-road ability. The General Tire Grabber AT³ is a substantial upgrade over previous General Grabber all-terrain tyres. Offering a significant improvement in traction on loose terrain, more comfort through everyday driving, and a higher resistance to tread damage than past models.

Order Your General Grabber AT³ 4x4 Tyres Online

Ordering tyres with 4SITE 4x4 tyres is easier than ever. To order your Grabber AT³ tyres, simply visit our Tyre Selector and tell us what vehicle you own, search for the General Grabber AT³ and see what stock we have compatible to your car. When you’ve selected the tyres you want, find your most convenient 4SITE 4x4 Tyres approved tyre centre and book in a fitting slot. Most bookings can be arranged within 24 hours, getting you back on the road in no time. Discover our entire range of General Tire tyres today. Order via our online Tyre Selector or call us on 0870 112 9401.


Straight from the warehouse of General Tire comes the extraordinary General Grabber X³. An off-road 4x4 tyre, the General Grabber X³ has an 80/20 off/on-road weighting – the perfect balance for an off-road 4x4 enthusiast. The mud terrain focused General Grabber X³ is designed with deep grooves and chamfered block edges, providing excellent grip on even the harshest terrain.

Extensive Testing

The General Grabber X³ went through extensive testing before the final product was born. General Tire wanted to make the highest performance, most reliable mud terrain tyre possible. Five hundred hours, two million miles, and one thousand tyres later – they settled on the final design of the General Grabber X³.

Brand New Technologies

The newly developed General Grabber X³ comes fully equipped with General Tire’s newly devised technologies that make the new General Tire mud tyres perform excellently, cutting through muddy terrain easily. Their new X mud (Extreme Mud) technology means that the new Grabber X³ has optimum traction in deep mud helping the extreme mud tyre to easily slice through boggy terrain. Its newly developed X Dirt (Extreme Dirt) technology means that loose grit and dirt are not an issue, with biting edges and traction notches that mean this mud tyre has excellent loose surface grip. And when tackling particularly rocky terrain, the X Rock (Extreme Rock) technological development makes loose rocks simple to tackle, with a high performing tread pattern that evacuates mud and debris easily, and multi-angle edges and deflection ribs that protect the entire tyre.

High Performance Tyre Tread

When designing the General Grabber X³, General Tire put extra thought into designing the highest performance tread possible. The layout of the new tread pattern on the General Grabber X³ makes for exceptional off-road ability and damage resistance. A combination of wide and narrow grooves, along with chamfered block edges, helps to displace stones, preventing them from getting stuck and causing damage to the tyre. The deep grooves, mud excavation channels, and staggered edges of the General Grabber X³ make it great at keeping grip on loose surfaces, such as sand, gravel and mud.

Sturdy, Puncture Resistant Structure

General Tire designed the Grabber X³ to withstand much more damage than other 4SITE 4x4 tyres. The General Grabber X³ features a number of sturdy deflection ribs, protecting the sidewalls from any sharp stones, preventing punctures off-road. The three-ply structure of the new Grabber X³ provides much more than just sheer strength. The solid structure of the tyre blocks out sharp stones and debris, ensuring that the General Grabber X³ performs excellently in harsh conditions. With the sturdy structure of the tyre keeping its shape over rough ground, full traction and grip remains strong on loose terrain. The General Grabber X³ provides a perfect balance of off-road performance and a sturdy grip in harsh, muddy terrain, for the dedicated 4x4 enthusiast. With exceptional puncture and tread-wear resistance, and a sturdy build for the best possible off-road drive, these General Grabber mud terrain tyres are a reliable, high performance set of tyres that will provide comfort and excitement to the driver.

Order Your General Grabber X3 Tyres Today

To order your General Grabber X³ tyres, or other General Grabber 4x4 tyres, simply visit our 4x4 Tyre Selector today and see if we have Grabber X³ tyres available for your vehicle. Then, simply find your most convenient 4SITE 4x4 Tyres approved tyre centre and book your fitting slot. Most tyre fitment appointments can be arranged within 24 hours getting you back on, or off the road in no time. Discover our full selection of General Tire tyres today. Order via our online Tyre Selector or call us on 0870 112 9401.


ORGI Rating 1

General Tire has always been very well respected by the trade and consumers alike for producing class-leading, pure-road 4X4 tyres, such as the superb General Grabber GT. The end result of harnessing all the attributes from past products and using the latest technology is to bring you these new high performance road tyres. These products are perfect for the SUV owner who wishes to enhance the performance of their vehicle and gain exceptional value for money. The General Grabber GT offers fantastic levels of grip, road holding and steering response.


ORGI Rating 3

The General Grabber HTS has an all season tread pattern. Its non-directional road pattern is designed to offer a comfortable on-road performance and efficient off-road traction with superb snow and ice abilities. Low rolling resistance reduces wear and fuel consumption. The General Grabber HTS also benefits from Duragen™, a cut and chip resistant compound that improves tread life in off-road conditions.


ORGI Rating 4

This General Tire tyre is a predominantly on-road tyre with a good standard of off-road ability. Quiet on the road, the General Grabber TR displaces water efficiently and grips on tarmac nicely. The General Grabber TR is very hard wearing as it has a cut and chip resistant compound and an attractive self-cleaning tread design.


ORGI rating 10

The General Grabber MT from General Tire is the tyre for tough off-road use. Its open and aggressive tread facilitates optimal traction and guarantees outstanding self-cleaning, while the stone ejectors reliably remove stones from the tread. The three-ply carcass construction ensures that the tyres really can transport you across any terrain. As such, the Grabber MT not only goes perfectly with the look of your off-road vehicle, but it is guaranteed not to let you down.


ORGI Rating 5

A radial version of the original SAG (Super-All-Grip) this is the perfect tyre for drivers whose requirements are for a working vehicle that will venture onto the road from time to time.


ORGI Rating 2

Achieving good cornering stability and excellent traction, these General Tire tyres optimise handling in both dry conditions and on snow. The General Snow Grabber provides excellent steering response and optimum traction on snow ensuring outstanding braking performance. Snow pockets improve traction and handling on snow. The sophisticated tread pattern of the General Snow Grabber optimises traction and improves the braking performance on slippery surfaces.


ORGI Rating 6

The General Tire AT has been engineered to deliver the best performance both on and off road, with minimal noise and reduced fuel consumption.

  1. Shifted centre and shoulder blocks with nodges, allowing high grip due to free & interlocking block edges giving outstanding traction. Aggressive shoulder blocks and optimised circumferential block stiffness gives excellent transmission of high traction & braking forces – excellent steering performance off road.
  2. Turning and widening V-shaped grooves and open shoulders in line with central traction grooves provide a self-cleaning effect from centre to shoulder. This tyre offers a high grip in muddy terrain and is long lasting in rough conditions.
  3. Traction ridges at the base of every groove and high tread depth lead to interlocking in sloppy ground giving additional traction in longitudinal direction. Additional traction pulls you through evenly on difficult terrain, resulting in better grip on mud and grass. Angled block and sipe orientation give smooth rolling in and out of block edges, reducing noise emission and ensuring even wear. Continuing main grooves with lateral or longitudinal orientation support draining of tread pattern due to unhindered water flow. Best aquaplaning performance on flooded roads and tracks.

The General Grabber AT has been designed specifically to offer high grip and good handling on and off-road. Its rugged structure protects the tread and sidewall from damage while ensuring comfortable drive characteristics and high mileage performance. Excellent wet braking performance and noise reduction.


ORGI Rating 6

An extreme traction tyre, meet the General Grabber AT2. With an aggressive all-terrain tread design, these General Tire all terrain tyres are perfect for any off-road situation. Featuring additional traction ridges, these tyres will pull you through the toughest of terrains. The wide footprint of the tyre provides maximum traction while reducing uneven tread wear to extend the tyre's life.

The General Grabber AT2 is General Tire's On/Off-Road All-Terrain light truck tire, developed for pickup truck and sport utility vehicle drivers looking for exceptional traction over all terrains.

The Grabber AT2 is designed to combine long wear and reliability with year-round competence on-and-off-road in dry, wet and wintry conditions. The General Grabber AT2 features a chip and tear-resistant tread compound molded into an aggressive, symmetric self-cleaning tread design featuring five rows of independent tread blocks to blend on-road handling with off-road traction.

The tread blocks feature multiple traction edges and sipes, as well as being molded to accept optional metallic studs to increase wintry weather traction. Tread block sizes and shapes have been computer-optimised to allow the aggressive tread pattern to remain relatively quiet and even wearing during on-road and highway driving.

The tyre's internal structure includes twin steel belts (some sizes reinforced with nylon) on top of a two-ply polyester cord body to combine strength and durability with a quiet ride. Ultra-high strength steel belts, micro-fibre casing reinforcements, and a broad tyre contour. Born from competition but adapted for the highway, this technology provides even tread wear for longer mileage and confidence in challenging conditions.


ORGI rating 3

Designed as a tyre for crossovers, SUVs & pick-up trucks. This tough highway terrain tyre is extremely well balanced, boasting superb high mileage performance due to “STABILITY TREAD TECHNOLOGY” and a long wearing tread compound.


ORGI rating 2

General Tire‘s new dedicated non-studded Winter line, the Snow Grabber Plus, replaces the non- studded Snow Grabber- a tyre that offers SUV/4x4 specific toughness and winter performance while maintaining a high level of comfort comparable to passenger car tyres. Featuring General’s TracGen ™ Technology, the tyre’s open tread shoulder promotes self-cleaning which helps discharge dirt, slush and snow from the pattern providing added traction on snowy and unpaved roads. Stiffened tread blocks allow even pressure distribution to minimize wear to extend the life of the tyre, leading to higher mileage – 23% improved mileage compared to its predecessor.The Winter TWI (Tread Wear Indicator) indicates a remaining tread depth of 4 mm and the tyre is marked with is the M+S and the Snowflake symbols.

Discover our full selection of General Tire tyres today. Order and a book a fitting through our online Tyre Selector, or give us a call on 0870 112 9401.

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