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Comforser CF1100 A/T (ORGI-4)

This new all-terrain tyre supersedes the CF1000 A/T. It features a compound designed specifically for offering a strong tread, with high tear resistance. The range features additional sidewall protection and some sizes are available in a highly durable 6 to 10-ply construction (standard 4-ply for car).

CF1100 A/T (ORGI-4)

Comforser CF3000 M/T (ORGI-1)

Constructed with a unique shoulder block design that features protective strips and 3D sidewall for enhanced traction in muddy and snowy conditions. The directional pattern grooves increase grip and the shoulder design offers stone protection under severe road conditions.

CF3000 M/T (ORGI-1)

Comforser CF3300 M/T (POR) (ORGI-9)

A tyre featuring multiple tread compounds providing outstanding traction, improving cut & tear resistance. The full width pattern design improves traction whilst its strong shoulder and sidewall design provide additional grip in challenging conditions. Offering a 3PR sidewall with rim a protector, providing additional protection to the upper body of the tyre.

CF3300 M/T (POR) (ORGI-9)

Comforser CF9000 RUGGED-TERRAIN (POR) (ORGI-7)

This new all-terrain tyre supersedes the CF1100 A/T. Positioned between an All-Terrain and a Mud-Terrain this tyre is aimed at vehicles such as Pick Up Trucks wishing to have road manners, whilst gaining more off-road traction than an All-Terrain; this tyre certainly offers just that.

Featuring an optimised length and zig-zag shoulder pattern that reduces road noise, whilst the horizontal, vertical and slope crossing groove design provides powerful traction ability.
The shoulder blocks extend down the side wall to provide additional grip in off-road conditions. The diamond shape pattern increases both wear and puncture resistance. It’s full width tread design increases performance on tarmac roads.


Comforser EF1500 Mild A/T (ORGI-3)

Classified in the mild all-terrain category this tyre is suitable for crossovers and SUV’S. Combining superb road performance with the ability to go on to tracks, the strengthened shoulder and zig-zag groove provides extra traction in various terrains.

The leaf shape tread design represents environmentally friendly energy efficiency. The wide high density groove layout provides great drainage between the tyre and the road surface enabling increased traction in wet conditions. A computerised tread design helps reduce the tyres harmonics reducing road noise inside the cabin.

EF1500 Mild A/T (ORGI-3)

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