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In order to kep your 4x4's wheels in optimal condition:

  • As wheels operate under extreme stress from weather, road features and brake dust, you should clean your wheels regularly to prevent corrosion. If you regularly clean your vehicle’s wheels, then soap and a sponge will do fine, however if your wheels have been forgotten about and are suffering from corrosion or brake dust you will need to use dedicated wheel cleaner from a brand such as Turtle Wax.

  • Always wait until the wheel is cool before washing it or applying anything, as applying cleaner to a hot wheel can tarnish or blemish the surface.

  • Wheels must not be cleaned using Tar Remove, harsh cleaning chemicals or jet washing.

  • Regularly check your tyre pressure and inflation. This may sound strange as wheel advice, but underinflated tyres can cause catastrophic damage to wheels, especially alloys. Kerbing your wheel or driving over potholes with underinflated tyres has been known to cause cracking or in some cases complete structural failure. Even if you are driving on smooth, well maintained roads, the wear on both the tyre and the wheel is extremely wasteful.

  • Use standard alloy wheel nuts unless stated otherwise in wheel specification.


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