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Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres – German Engineering and Automotive Expertise

Founded in Germany in 1871, Continental has been manufacturing tyres for over 140 years. It has expanded and matured and is currently one of the world’s largest automotive component suppliers. Continental is a force in all major markets, and employs over 200,000 employees worldwide.

The Best in Braking

The company has operations in 53 countries and utilises some of the top research, development and testing facilities in the tyre industry. Continental’s highest priority is safety, and before any innovation they create goes into production it is intensively tested in order to conform to their impeccable standards.

Trusted by Car Manufacturers

Continental tyres are factory fitted as original equipment by some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, including Daimler-Benz and Porsche. One out of three new cars produced in Europe will e equipped with a set of Continental tyres at the factory.

Buying Continental Tyres from 4SITE 4x4 Tyres

4SITE 4x4 Tyres stocks a range of reliable, high quality Continental 4x4 tyres. You could have these tyres fitted to your vehicle as soon as tomorrow. Find your nearest 4SITE 4x4 Tyres approved Tyre Centre today!

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ORGI Rating 1

The offset rows of tread lugs on this tyre, which has been specifically designed for 4X4 vehicles, ensure a particularly quiet and comfortable ride in normal road use. The wide longitudinal and lateral tread grooves protect against aquaplaning, and multiple sipes provide traction both on the road and in moderate off - road use. Wide central tread ribs for high on - road comfort with high sipe density for added traction in moderate off - road conditions.        


ORGI Rating 1

Continental developed this 4X4 tyre for powerful vehicles and high speeds in normal road use. The asymmetrical tread pattern with its compact outer shoulders ensures excellent cornering stability. Wide tread grooves provide good drainage and protect against aquaplaning. And the offset rows of tread lugs ensure a quiet, comfortable ride. The asymmetrical tread pattern design with wide shoulder lugs for ultimate road performance.


ORGI Rating 2

Continental has added an SUV tyre to its portfolio with safe, comfortable on-road performance and a robust design for light- duty off-road driving. Designed for vehicles such as the Evoque, Qashqai and Touareg. The ContiCrossContact™ LX2 gives up to 6 percent better braking performance, 3 percent better handling and 10 percent better cut and chip resistance off-road than its popular predecessor.


ORGI Rating 1

Combining short braking distances on wet and dry roads with low rolling resistance has in the past always been considered extremely problematic. Continental has now launched a product which resolves this problem with apparent ease - the new ContiEcoContact™ 5. The tyre engineers did however, have to tread new ground in terms of all the tyre elements involved - casing, compound, tyre contour and tread pattern design - in order to achieve the high level of progress.


ORGI Rating 1

With the launch of the ContiSportContact™ 5, Continental has developed a tyre which is equally suitable for sporty cars & SUVs with sporty driving characteristics. With this new development, the tyre engineers have made significant progress in comparison to the popular predecessor ContiSportContact 3. Shorter braking distances in all weather conditions. Excellent road grip and safety when cornering. Reduced fuel consumption and high mileage.


ORGI Rating 4 

The ContiCrossContact™ AT feels at home on all surfaces. The open shoulder provides very good handling characteristics on off-road terrain. The progressive and wear resistant tread compound creates the potential for high mileage performance. And the three circumferential rows of blocks guarantee that the tyre rolls very smoothly and quietly.


ORGI Rating 2

The tyres of the ContiCrossContact™ LX Sport product line guarantee optimum handing and braking performance both on the road as well as on easily navigable terrain. This is achieved with stiff rows of tread blocks in the centre of the tread pattern which enable very good transmission of power between the tire and the ground surface. Excellent braking performance on wet roads which is made possible to a high number of tread blocks on the shoulder and a balanced sipe density.


ORGI Rating 1

For high speeds in road use. The bionic contour of the tyre narrows the tyre when moving and widens it when braking. This reduces the braking distance and ensures higher cornering stability.  The tyre’s asymmetrical profile and outer rigidity guarantees exceptional cornering and a fun drive without compromising on safety. The four or five (depending on tyre width) circumferential drainage grooves provide excellent protection against aquaplaning

Continental ContiSilent™

ORGI Rating 1

A tyre noise-reducing technology developed by Continental. Designed to reduce interior noise on all road surfaces. The ContiSilent™ tyres are equipped with an inner tyre absorber, polyurethane foam, attached to the inner surface of the tread area with an adhesive. Regardless of the temperature, the structure of the foam stays intact. ContiSilent™ helps reduce interior vehicle noise up to 9 dB (A), depending   on the type of vehicle, its speed and the road surface. At the moment it is only available for summer tyres and is compatible with all commonly available rims. Driving performance is not affected and there is no negative influence on mileage and load/speed capability. Fitting on four positions is recommended.

CrossContact™ ATR

ORGI rating 4

The Cross Contact™ ATR allows you to own the road no matter what the terrain. It’s aggressive side-wall design gives impressive off road traction & durability whilst at the same time delivering excellent braking on wet slippery roads and reduced noise.

ContiCrossContact™ LX

ORGI rating 4

The ContiCrossContact™ LX provides good handling and braking properties even on gentle  terrain, the tyre boasts very good aquaplaning resistance and its design prevents  stones or grit  from getting caught. Thanks to its sidewall design, the tyre offers precise steering response and very good straight-line performance while rolling very smoothly and quietly.

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