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insa turbo tyres

Insa Turbo Tyres


Insa Turbo is a company with impressive international and entrepreneurial values and a history in the tyre industry that dates back to 1988. Insa Turbo manufactures remoulded and retreaded budget 4x4 tyres for a variety of uses, maintaining a major position in tyre markets worldwide. Insa Turbo’s aim is to provide 4x4 enthusiasts with high performance budget 4x4 tyres. Whether it’s on-road tyres, off-road tyres, or all-terrain tyres that you require, Insa Turbo will deliver.


Insa Turbo tyres are manufactured in an advanced European facility, using the most rigorous quality control checks. The company runs each and every Insa Turbo tyre through a quality check procedure, and only those finished to a high enough standard make it to stores. Insa Turbo is very strict about the quality of its 4x4 tyres, and those that are not the right standard, are destroyed and disposed of in an ecologically friendly manner.


All processes used to produce Insa Turbo 4x4 tyres have met or exceeded the highest industry certification standards. The company is in constant competition with other top re-treaded tyre manufacturers, and since 1994, its reputation has been reinforced by awards from the American Retreaders Association. Insa Turbo tyres are designed with maximum traction in mind, ensuring optimal performance for all on-road or off-road uses.


4SITE 4x4 Tyres stocks a range of reliable, high quality Insa Turbo 4x4 tyres. We have a range of Insa Turbo tyres for sale – on-road, off-road, and all-terrain - so no matter your requirements, you’ll be sure to find a suitable set of 4x4 tyres at 4SITE 4x4 Tyres. Our team will aim to get your tyre appointment set up as soon as possible, so they can be fitted to your vehicle in no time. Order your set of high quality Insa Turbo retreaded tyres with our Tyre Selector, and have them ordered direct to your nearest 4SITE 4x4 Tyres approved Tyre Centre today! Please view the list below for our full range of Insa Turbo 4x4 tyres.

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ORGI Rating 3

The Sagra is a high performance on-road tyre, offering an enhanced driving experience in all seasons. Despite its primary use, the Sagra tyre offers appropriate off-road traction for moderate rough terrain use.


ORGI Rating 5

A tyre that perfectly combines the aggressive appearance of the off-road with the sensitivity and elegance of on-road driving. Developed through the most advanced technology, this tyre guarantees the perfect combination of 4X4 traction with good stability and performance on the road.


ORGI Rating 5

A mixed use tyre that guarantees a perfect combination of grip, traction, safety and road holding, offering an optimal control of the vehicle both off-road and on-road.


ORGI Rating 7

Excellent off road mud-terrain capability combined with on-road and all-terrain advantages make the Traction Track the ultimate compromise 4X4 tyre. Aggressive shoulder lugs for superb off road traction, whilst closer spaced centre tread blocks provide a safe level of on-road grip. The Insa Turbo Traction Track is an exceptional quality retread tyre.


ORGI Rating 8

A high performance off-road tyre, the Sahara boasts an aggressive mud terrain pattern, which received an excellent review in 4X4 Magazine Tyre test 2008 as the only retread tyre that took part.


ORGI Rating 9

The Dakar is a pure off-road mud terrain tyre with wider, deeper tread and large shoulder blocks for excellent off-road traction.


ORGI Rating 10

The Special Track offers the ultimate in off road performance at a very competitive price. Big voids between the tread blocks aid its excellent off-road ability. Ideal for the serious off-roader.


ORGI Rating 10


ORGI Rating 9 

The new Insa Turbo Risko pattern is designed for serious enthusiasts who want the most robust off road tyre with goof road manners. With the entire tread section in contact with the surface, traction is ensured and maximised for any terrain. The extended tread bars reaching down the sidewall of the tyre provides additional traction to help drivers get out thise difficult ruts. A new benchmark in off road performance 4x4 tyres.

If you’re interested in purchasing a set of high quality Insa Turbo retreaded tyres, visit our 4x4 tyres page and use our revolutionary tyre selector to choose the one for you. Simply order them to your most convenient 4SITE 4x4 Tyres approved tyre centre, and book your fitting slot today!

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