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4x4 Tyre and Wheel FAQ’s

Who is 4SITE 4x4 Tyres?


We have been operating in the 4x4 market for over 40 years and are now the largest and only dedicated supplier of 4x4 tyres in the country. We are made up of a national network of hundreds of
4x4 tyre specialists who not only have access to a massive stock range, but moreover pride themselves in delivering a consistent consumer experience always focusing upon what is the right solution for the consumer

The 4x4 Tyres & Wheels brand is supported by Micheldever Tyre Service’s customer service team that love and live by 4x4 and between them have over 150 years of unrivalled industry experience. They give impartial advice to help guide both consumers and our tyre specialists to make informed decisions by offering 4x4 expertise and knowledge on any aspect of the market.

We work closely with tyre manufacturers on product development and are the official distributors of 4x4 tyres for BF Goodrich, General Tire, Falken, Fulda, GT Radial, Runway, Comforser and Insa Turbo.

Thanks to our technical expertise, product availability and wide stock profile and unbeatable customer service, we have recommended tyre solutions to organisations such as the military and utility companies, the Environmental Agency and the Forestry Commission so you can see why we believe we are the 4x4 and SUV drivers only really credible tyre and wheel solution provider. Our head office is located in Southam. To find out more about 4x4 Tyres and Wheels please visit our website or call us on: 0870 112 9401.

Do I need to pay online?

No, all payment is handled when your 4x4 tyres or wheels are fitted at an approved 4SITE 4x4 Tyre centre.

Is the General Grabber AT2 still produced?

The General Grabber AT2 has been phased out by General Tire, however, some sizes are still available due to utility purposes. This was original replaced by the General Grabber AT, but now both of these 4x4 tyre patterns have been superseded by the brand new General Grabber AT3.

Should I try Winter Tyres on my vehicle?

It is recommended that you keep a spare set of wheels fitted with winter tyres at your home throughout the year, allowing you to quickly switch to winter driving at home. This eliminates the need to drive in hazardous winter weather to a technical centre to have your tyres changed. It is also better for the wheels, as changing a tyre puts stress on a wheel and wears it out.

Where is my nearest 4SITE dealer?

By entering your postcode into our 4SITE 4x4 Tyre Centre Locator, you can find your nearest 4SITE 4x4 Tyres Approved Tyre Centre and choose have your new 4x4 tyres and wheels fitted there. Each Tyre Centre is operated by specialist 4x4 technicians who will fit your 4x4 tyres and wheels efficiently.

How do I use the website?

Use our Tyre Selector to find the ideal tyres and wheels for your 4x4 vehicle; you can then have them fitted at your local 4SITE 4x4 Tyres approved Tyre Centre.

Can you mix 4x4 tyre patterns on a vehicle?

The simple answer to this is No! We strongly recommend that 4x4 vehicles are fitted with identical sets, with all four tyres being the same brand, size, pattern, load index/speed symbol. The reason for this is that the rolling circumference and overall diameter specifications can vary, dramatically, between brands and patterns, as all 4x4 tyres are made within a tolerance from the standards set by the governing body ETRTO (The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation). This is important advice as some vehicles are very sensitive to tyre mixing.

Should I use winter 4x4 tyres on my vehicle?

As summer tyres stiffen when the temperature drops, it is advisable that cold weather/ winter/all-season tyres are used at certain times of the year. At below 7 degrees, these tyres’ rubber compound gives much higher safety margins, giving better braking and handling performance on damp, cold, icy and snow covered roads. Leading 4x4 tyre manufacturers, like General Tire and BF Goodrich, now produce all-terrain tyres that are marked 3 peak mountain snow flake (3pmsf), classing them as cold weather/winter/all season tyres. This lets you fit one set that can be used all year round, rather than having two sets – a cost effective alternative!

Are remould 4x4 tyres safe to drive on the road?

If these 4x4 tyres are not marked NHS, which stands for non- highway service, then yes they are safe to drive on the road. Brands like Insa Turbo use quality donor tyres which have no punctures, shoulder or suspension wear. They strip the tyre back to its bare casing and X–ray it for any belt slips or penetrations that the naked eye will be unable to see. The tyre is then made by adding the required tread pattern for its product range. Quality control is first class and the entire range of Insa Turbo offers a speed rating more than sufficient for roads in the UK. So yes, they are safe!

How much bigger can I go on my 4x4 tyre size without needing to modify my vehicle’s suspension, brakes, steering and bodywork?

The official answer will be to always make sure that the overall diameter (maximum dimensions from ETRTO) of the 4x4 tyre being fitted, is within the tolerance of +1.5% to -2.0%, in relation to that of the original tyre fitted. It is essential to make sure that the new 4x4 tyre being fitted has a speed symbol and load index suitable for use on the vehicle, with the load index being no less than what the vehicle was originally fitted with. However, you can fit taller tyres if the vehicle has had its suspension modified. But it is important to note that when this happens, the new fitted wheel and tyre does not come into contact with any mechanical component or bodywork of the 4x4/SUV vehicle or protrudes the bodyline of the vehicle.

Can I use tubes in a tubeless tyre?

Most manufacturers will strongly advise that their tubeless tyres are kept tubeless. However there are some instances when you would need to fit a tube if the tubeless tyre is being fitted to a tube type wheel (the tyre manufacturers’ recommendations should always be followed).You can use tubes in tubeless tyres providing that: (1) tubes are made for the tyre they are being fitted to; (2) all builders’ tags (manufacturers’ labels) inside the tyre are removed, otherwise they will chafe the tube and may cause a deflation; and (3) French chalk (or industrial talc) is used when fitting a tube to prevent friction.

What is the lowest tyre pressure I can safely run on the road if it’s just temporarily over short distances between green lanes?

Technically, the pressure is required to carry the load regardless of whether the tyre is being used on or off-road.

How long will an all-terrain or mud-terrain tyre last if it’s used mainly on the road?

This is an impossible question to answer as it will always depend on the 4x4 tyre manufacturer, how the tyre is being looked after, the right tyre pressures for the vehicle, correctly balanced wheels and of course the conditions of service will all have a significant bearing on how long it will last.

What effect do off-road tyres have on my 4x4’s towing limit?

Off-road tyres, such as a mud terrain, make little difference to the 4x4’s towing limit, providing they are marked with the correct load index.

Do I need to declare all-terrain tyres, or remoulds, as a modification to my insurance company?

We have not heard of any company specifying the need to declare all-terrain, mud terrain or remoulds on a vehicle. However when changing tyre size some insurance companies prefer to be notified.

If I modify my tyres’ tread to make it more aggressive, will it still be legal to use on the road?

Providing the tyres are suitable for highway service and carry the correct load and speed index, and do not protrude the bodyline of the vehicle, then they should be legal for use on the road.

For further technical information or for details of your nearest 4SITE 4x4 Tyre Centre please call 0870 112 9401.

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