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BF Goodrich Tyres

BFGoodrich tyres are widely regarded as one of the best 4x4 tyres where there is moderate to extreme off-road requirement. The brand is very well-known for durability, strength and mileage potential - this quality has led to OE fitments on the Jeep Rubicon andthe Ford Raptor. BFGoodrich have a cult status in the UK amongst 4x4 enthusiasts and are at the forefront of 4x4 motorsport with numerous Paris-Dakar rally winners since 1999 and having secured over 20 victories in the famous Baja 1000 and over 18 victories in the Baja 500 events. They partner with some of the world’s most recognisable brands from Red Bull to the World Surf League in support at global events. 




4SITE 4x4 Tyres stock a range of reliable, high quality BF Goodrich 4x4 tyres. Choose from BF Goodrich mud terrain tyres, BF Goodrich all terrain tyres or BF Goodrich tyres suitable for both on-road and off-road driving. Our efficient customer service means you could have these tyres fitted to your vehicle as soon as tomorrow. Find your nearest 4SITE 4x4 Tyres approved Tyre Centre today. Simply enter your postcode in the search tool above and we’ll have you on your way in no time.

Please view the list below for our full range of BF Goodrich 4x4 tyres.

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B.F. GOODRICH All Terrain T/A KO2 BSW (ORGI-6)

  • 20% Tougher Sidewalls: featuring race-proven CoreGard™ Technology to take on the toughest road hazards with confidence.
  • 2X the Treadlife on Gravel; 15% longer Treadlife on Asphalt: to extend your adventure.
  • 10% better Traction in Mud; 19% improved Traction in Snow: exceeding RMA Severe Snow Traction performance requirements to confidently get where you want to go.
  • Black Side Wall Lettering

Also available with Raised White Lettering (specific sizes only) - click here

All Terrain T/A KO2 BSW (ORGI-6)

B.F. GOODRICH Mud Terrain T/A KM3 (ORGI-10)

The new Mud Terrain T/A KM3 has been designed to power through mud and loose soil with BFGoodrich’s Terrain-Attack tread design. Its massive tread blocks are designed to deliver incredible grip from any angle of approach, the and mud-phobic bars release compacted mud for continued traction. The compound enhances grip on rock and slick surfaces and the CoreGard Max Technology uses a thick sidewall shield and the specialised compound helps guard against sharp objects.

Mud Terrain T/A KM3 (ORGI-10)


The new trail-terrain t/a® is built to last. With an optimised footprint design featuring full-depth 3-d locking sipes, it provides excellent tread block stability for even wear that results in long tread life and a quiet, comfortable ride. Closed lateral grooves provide a quieter on-road ride. the sipes create additional biting edges for all-weather capability and benefits from 3-peak mountain snowflake (3pmsf) for safety even in winter. It’s engineered for plenty of power and grip over the full life of the tyre. BF Goodrich’s signature shoulder provides authenticity and off-road performance.


B.F. GOODRICH Urban Terrain T/A (ORGI-2)

The perfect tyre for your SUV. The urban terrain offers an asymemetric all season tread pattern which is suitable all year round. This is a very tough all season SUV tyre with its cord casing being 20% stronger and the tread pattern has sipes and cross grooves which ensures great traction in the snow. The tyre also carries the 3 peak mountain snowflake symbol. 

Urban Terrain T/A (ORGI-2)

Buy BF Goodrich tyres for your vehicle – find your nearest 4SITE 4x4 Tyres centre and book in for a fitting with one of our specialists. 

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