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Mud Terrain Tyres

4x4 mud tyres are designed to offer greater traction on loose, uneven surfaces. Ideal for extreme off-road driving, whether that includes excursions on the weekend or day to day driving for work purposes, mud terrain tyres are the number one recommended choice of tyre when it comes to taking your driving off the tarmac and onto much muddier surfaces. For 4x4 enthusiasts who like to take on a challenge and get dirty, mud tyres deliver the ultimate driving experience.

Ensure your car is prepared for the right environment with 4x4 mud tyres from 4SITE 4x4 Tyres.

Designed with deep surface grip, all of the mud terrain tyres we stock are constructed with optimum traction, providing ultimate grip and safety for off-road conditions, as well as an aggressive yet stylish feel to match your off road vehicle.

All of our 4x4 mud tyres are made by leading tyre manufacturers, including BF Goodrich and General Tire, providing you with the professional and reliable performance you require in tougher, off-road conditions. We provide the following mud terrain tyres in a number of sizes:


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Grabber X3 - featuring Smooth Red Lettering (SRL) to the Sidewall

Also Available with Black Sidewall - click here

Sidewall Protection

A series of deflection ribs to protect the upper sidewall area. Objects are deflected away to protect penetration into the sidewall.

Duragen Technology

Three-ply construction on all sizes provides race-proved durability and puncture resistance. Robust compound gives excellent cut and chip resistance. Ultra high-strength steel belts ensures even footprint for confident stability.

Stone Bumpers

Bumpers help release stones and debris from the large deep grooves, protects the groove bottom and minimizes stone drilling. Added gauge improves puncture resistance.

Open Tread Design

Aggressive, open pattern for high traction in mud, dirt, sand and gravel. Evacuation channels all for quick and efficient self-cleaning action.

Quiet Street Ride

Each individual pitch length helps to minimize tread generated noise on the street. Remarkably quiet and comfortable for the street and aggressively talented for off-road terrain.

Multi-Angle Grip Edges

The open pattern increases traction with many gripping surfaces and edges, arranged at multiple angles for grip in every direction.

Full Depth Sipes

Optimized placement of the sipes to provide impressive wet street and snow performance. Sipes are full depth to maintain grip throughout the tire's life.

Alternating Shoulder Scoops

Depressed blocks alternating on the shoulders to deliver additional grip on complex surfaces. This provides all surface traction.

Sidewall Design

Aggressive upper sidewall designed to protect from stones, sticks and other debris. Additional traction is achieved in challenging conditions from the innovative alternating patterns. 

Grabber X3 SRL

B.F. GOODRICH Mud Terrain T/A KM3 (ORGI-10)

The new Mud Terrain T/A KM3 has been designed to power through mud and loose soil with BFGoodrich’s Terrain-Attack tread design. Its massive tread blocks are designed to deliver incredible grip from any angle of approach, the and mud-phobic bars release compacted mud for continued traction. The compound enhances grip on rock and slick surfaces and the CoreGard Max Technology uses a thick sidewall shield and the specialised compound helps guard against sharp objects.

Mud Terrain T/A KM3 (ORGI-10)


The tyre boasts a 3-ply Duraspec sidewall which ensures the tyre is able to absorb serious impact. Aggressive shoulder blocks extend down the sidewall which allows for additional traction in deep ruts. An optimised variable three-pitch tread pattern provides exceptional road handling and low road noise, resulting in this tyre being one of the quietest available in this category. Heat diffuser technology prevents temperature build up in the sidewall especially at low pressures. This tyre will become a popular mud-terrain choice for the enthusiast and for working vehicles.


Comforser CF3000 M/T (ORGI-1)

Constructed with a unique shoulder block design that features protective strips and 3D sidewall for enhanced traction in muddy and snowy conditions. The directional pattern grooves increase grip and the shoulder design offers stone protection under severe road conditions.

CF3000 M/T (ORGI-1)


Excellent off road mud-terrain capability combined with on-road and all-terrain advantages make the Traction Track the ultimate compromise 4X4 tyre. Aggressive shoulder lugs for superb off road traction, whilst closer spaced centre tread blocks provide a safe level of on-road grip. The Insa Turbo Traction Track is an exceptional quality retread tyre.




The Insa Turbo Sahara is the Off-road tire with the maximum 4x4 traction. It is designed for pick-up, leisure and all terrain vehicles that need an optimal traction in extreme conditions in the most demanding areas, being a safe bet for the most extreme 4x4 drivers.

Main characteristics and technical advantages of Sahara:

  • Its width tread on the shoulders and its balanced and aggressive disposition with the blocks provide it more traction and an ideal performance in mud and snow.
  • The reinforced sidewalls near the shoulders improve protection in the most demanding paths.
  • Its deep off-roads of directional profile contribute a better traction, helping its self-cleaning character, by its deep and aggressive shoulders.

The ecological tire Sahara is made under the most advanced R&D, using Insa Turbo's last technology, developed in its own innovation centre in Aspe. Likewise, it offers better grip and less rolling resistance in the driving and at the same time contributes to the environmental care.



The Insa Turbo Dakar is the tire Off-Road of 4x4 high performance. The most advanced R&D has allowed to Insa Turbo to make this last trend tires range applying the last technologies in the renewed tires production. The result is an excellent performances product that has an excellent stability and adherence as much in road and as in steep and sheers areas. Designed to face all kinds of weather conditions, it guarantees a high performance in the hardest handlings, being a strong, resistant tire and with an excellent crossing obstacles capacity.

Main characteristics and technical advantages of Dakar:

  • The width and deep tread reduces the wear and improve traction out of road.
  • The small off-roads in the treadimprove the handling and the brakingcapacity.
  • The aggressive profile of big blocks placed on the shoulders offer a great mobility in sand, mud, rocks, etc.
  • The great hardiness and solidity of its structure provide exceptional external aggressionsresistance.
  • The variable disposition of the off-roads reduces sensitively the noise.

The ecological tire Sahara is made under the most advanced R&D, using Insa Turbo's last technology, developed in its own innovation centre in Aspe. Likewise, it offers better grip and less rolling resistance in the driving and at the same time contributes to the environmental care.



The Insa Turbo Special Track tire is designed for the high Off-Road competition. It has a great push power, an excellent traction on any area, and great resistance to the external impact and to the weather inclemency, being the perfect tire for the 4x4 and the extreme adventure lovers.

The most advanced R&D has allowed to Insa Turbo to make the Special Track, being a bet for the quality, the innovation and especially the ecology. In addition its aggressive profile combines the most advanced technology with avant-garde aesthetics, according to the needs of the most demandingly 4x4 driver. It was made with an ultra-resistant and lasting rubber compound which provides it less rolling resistance that reduces fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions, reducing noise in motion, and helping to grip and safety sensation due to the ideal performances balance.

Main characteristics and technical advantages of Special Track:

  • Its width and deep tread on the shoulders provides to it less wear and an excellent traction.
  • Central space of the treadreduction to improvehandling and mileage power.
  • Its wide cavities on the shoulders optimize the traction in mud and snow to improve its safety.
  • Off-roads variable disposition which provides more silent driving.
  • Less off-road in the tread to increase its handling and to improve its capacity of braking.


The new Insa Eco K2 have been developed to become the reference tyre for the off-road specialist for the pleasure of driving in extreme situations and terrains. Off-road driving conditions require a robust tyre, and the new Insa Turbo K2 MT provided a comfortable manoeuvrability even in difficult and rocky terrain.

If you’re interested in purchasing a set of high quality Insa Turbo retreaded tyres, visit our 4x4 tyres page and use our revolutionary tyre selector to choose the one for you. Simply order them to your most convenient 4SITE 4x4 Tyres approved tyre centre, and book your fitting slot today!

K2 MT (ORGI-10)


The 684 is original equipment on many light truck and sport utility vehicles it combines the versatile performance you need with the sleek styling you want


Dueler H/T 684 (ORGI-1)


Yokohama’s new mud terrain tyre designed for SUV’s, 4x4’s and pick-ups.Featuring a wide aggressive symmetric block pattern and sidewall for excellent off- road traction. The G003 has increased wear resistance along with improved anti-cut and anti-chipping performance.



The new Geolandar G005 is the ultimate tyre for extreme off-road traction for tuned pick-ups & off- road. Featuring Yokohama’s “Rock Concept Design” the appearance of natural rock has been integrated into the tread and sidewall bolstering the performance in deep mud or rock.



Designed to help full-sized pickups work hard on tarmac, then work just as hard when roads are muddy, snowy, and rocky - or when there are no roads at all. The Open Country M/T combines solid on-road performance with extra ground clearance, higher load-carrying capacity, and greater ability to go off-road. 4x4 enthusiasts know it for its long wear, low noise and aggressive tread pattern.



The specialist for difficult terrain. Maximal traction on loose surfaces. Extremely strong Karkasse. With mud and snow rating.

The Wrangler MT/R is ideal for extreme off-road driving, designed by Goodyear to go anywhere and meet any obstacle.
The special block design on the Wrangler MT/R's tread provide additional traction and grip whilst Goodyear's patented  technology provides increased protection from penetration of the sidewall.
With deep surface grip and increased mud evacuation the Wrangler MT/R is a force to be reckoned - the ideal choice for any extreme off-roaders

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