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Top 4x4 Tyre Tips for the Ultimate Off-Road Adventure
26 July 2016

Planning an off-road adventure? There are a lot of things to think about before you head off, one of the most important being your tyres. Make sure you have equipped your vehicle with a suitable set of 4x4 tyres, and remember to use some of our 4x4 tyre tips below to prepare your vehicle for the ultimate off-road adventure.

Choosing the Right 4x4 Tyres

As an off-road enthusiast, you know that taking your standard road tyres off-road won’t get you very far. In fact, even certain all-terrain tyres can struggle when faced with certain off-roading obstacles. For the ultimate experience, it is worth investing in a strong set of premium off-road tyres.

4x4 Mud Tyres

Mud tyres are great all-rounders for improved performance when going off-road. They are designed with large tread blocks and voids around the edge of the tyre. The large voids between each tread block provide a convenient self-cleaning method for the tyres. As the tyre rolls through thick mud, the grooves allow mud to be pushed out, giving you better traction when needed. For mud, chalk or clay terrain, a thinner tyre will give you an easier ride. If you plan on tackling peaty land, it is better to do so with a wider set of tyres. Mud tyres are best designed for normal off-roading, however the majority of our mud tyres are suitable for driving on road as well, giving you the best of both worlds. Try our 4x4 tyre selector to find a suitable set of mud tyres for your vehicle.

Extreme 4x4 Tyres

Extreme tyres are designed for only the harshest of terrain. Made purely for off-roading, extreme tyres are crafted with extra-large tread blocks separated by large voids. The aggressive pattern of these tyres helps to cut down through the top layers of mud and expel it either side. A set of extreme tyres should be purchased if you plan on taking on harsh environments. They will push you through every hill climb, ditch, trench, and track you come across, and will come out the other side unscathed. Why not try a set of INSA TURBO tyres? With high quality control, you can rely on the INSA TURBO range for the most extreme off-roading experiences.

Checking Your Tyres are Safe and Suitable

Already have a set of off-roading 4x4 tyres? Want to use them again for your next adventure? Using the same 4x4 tyres for multiple off-road expeditions is absolutely safe, as long as you do some checks and make sure your tyres are still suitable for use. 

Tyre Pressure

In some cases, tyre pressure can be adjusted to suit the terrain for off-roading purposes. Make sure that when you go away on your off-road adventure, you remember to take a pump so you can re-adjust tyre pressure when you get back onto public roads. Driving on a public highway with even slightly deflated tyres can be extremely dangerous.

Uneven Wear

Check your tyres for uneven wear. Although not particularly dangerous in itself, uneven tyre wear can be a sign that there is something more serious wrong. Before you look into the issue, check the pressure of all your tyres. If your tyres are unevenly inflated, that is probably the issue. If not, there could be underlying alignment issues, or in the worst case scenario, there could be an issue with worn down or damaged components in the steering/suspension assembly.


Every time one of your tyres is replaced or repaired, a new valve should be fitted, as it may get damaged during removal. Reliable tyre fitters will do this without question, but it is always wise to confirm this with them before they fit the new tyre.

Tread Depth

Grip is crucial both on and off-road, so no matter where your adventure takes you, it is important to replace your tyres when they are excessively worn. At 4SITE 4x4 Tyres, we recommend you change your on-road 4x4 tyres when the tread depth reaches 3mm. The legal tread limit is 1.6mm, however it will take approximately 40 metres further to stop in wet conditions at 50mph than it would at 3mm. For all-terrain and mud tyres, we recommend you change your tyres at 4mm, as the edges will begin to wear at this point, offering much less grip and stability.

Don’t Mix ’n Match

Often overlooked, it is important not to mix tyre sizes or brands on the same axle. All brands produce tyres with different features, shapes and sizes. Driving with two different branded/sized tyres on one axle will make your drive uneven. It is, in fact, highly recommended that 4x4 tyres are used in identical sets of four (same size, make, pattern, load index/speed symbol). And any recommendations from the tyre manufacturers should be followed, in order to maximise performance and efficiency.

Get yourself a new set of off-road tyres

Now that you’re up to speed on our top 4x4 tyre tips for your next off-road driving experience, you’re ready to go. If you plan on investing in a brand new set of 4x4 mud tyres or off-road extreme tyres, take a look at our 4x4 tyre selector, where you will be presented with a range of tyres specifically picked to fit your vehicle according to manufacturer and model.

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