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So which is THE best all-terrain tyre out there?
19 October 2017

The 4x4 tyre market is growing faster than ever, as now most well-known vehicle manufacturers have entered the SUV, pickups and 4x4 car markets, joining the traditional 4x4 manufacturers such a Land Rover. 

Some tyre manufacturers, such as General Tire are investing heavily in the research and development of 4x4 and SUV tyres, producing the very best advance features a tyre can possess. Is it possible to produce tyres with on and off-road capabilities without compromising the performance on a particular surface? Is there even a tyre that can perform ‘the best of both?’

Regulations have changed in recent years for tyre manufacturers, as it’s now mandatory for all 4x4 tyres to ‘stick to the rules’ and clearly show an EU tyre label rating (unless they are marked POR – professional off-road) meaning manufacturers are improving their products constantly. 

Louth Tyre Services, based in Lincolnshire is one of 4SITE 4x4 Tyres valued and approved 4x4 Tyre Centres. Boasting over 60 years in the tyre trade, including 4x4 tyres, the tyre technicians at Louth Tyre Services offer technical tyre expertise for car tyres, 4x4 tyres and agricultural needs.

With all their 4x4 tyre expertise, they have been appointed as the General Tire dealer in the Lincolnshire area, selling all General Tire tyres, including the new General Grabber AT3 – the 3rd generation of all-terrain tyre from General Tire.

To understand the capability of the new 4x4 all-terrain tyre produced by General Tire, Louth Tyre Services have fitted the General Grabber AT3 to their vehicle to road test the features and benefits of this new 4x4 tyre.

For several months now, they’ve been running the new General Grabber AT3s on their Nissan Navara 2017 on 255 60 18 General Grabber AT3. Whilst working, for light off road use and for social ventures they currently split the use of their vehicle 90% on-road, and the remainder for working off-road. The beauty of this all-terrain 4x4 tyre is the combination of off-road capabilities with fantastic on-road manners as this 4x4 tyre is quiet and performs well in wet and dry conditions.

With Louth Tyre Services offering a 24 hour call out for tyre fitting, whether it is car, agricultural or commercial, the General Grabber AT3 performs in whatever situation they may be in when attending a call out. The tyre has exceptional traction, easy to handle on different terrains and is pleasant and comfortable when driving on-road and is so quiet for an all-terrain tyre. Having previously been won over by the General Grabber ATs (the 2nd generation General Tire all-terrain, that’s now been superseded by the Grabber AT3) Gary at Louth Tyre Services didn’t think the noise and MPG on the new AT3 could blow the Grabber AT out of the water, but it has!

He was amazed by the overall performance of the Grabber AT3s and said ‘these are the best all terrain tyres I have driven on.’

They’re that good he’s now fitted the General Grabber AT3s to his Isuzu DMAX.

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