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What are the Best Off-Road Trails in the UK?
19 May 2016

When you think about going off-roading, extreme river crossings and muddy hill climbs naturally spring to mind. However, as experienced off-road enthusiasts will understand, this isn’t always the case with many 4x4 off-roading experiences. Some trails promise a real experience for off-road fanatics, while others are nothing more than a looped track in a field. So, what are the best off-road trails in the UK? Here are some of our recommendations to make sure your first 4x4 off-roading experience is worth both your time and your money.

Kirton Off-Road Centre

Kirton Off-Road Centre (Korc) is a huge off-roading outlet based in Gainsthorpe, Kirton, and offers over 600 acres of fully accessible land. Packed full of obstacles, there is a wide variety of terrain, allowing drivers to tailor their trail to their skill level as well as the capabilities of their off-road vehicles. Kirton Off-Road Centre is a pure pay and play facility, meaning drivers pay for a day’s entry and they are given full accessibility to the 600 acres of terrain that Kirton has to offer. Being purely pay and play means that there are no training sessions available at Korc, however, the huge range of terrain means that you’re guaranteed to find suitable obstacles, whatever your skill level.

Find out more at

Ultra Adventure Driving

One of the leading off-road driving outlets in the UK, Ultra Adventure Driving has 20 sites located throughout England and wales. Ultra Adventure Driving specialises in off-road training sessions, teaching aspiring off-road drivers everything from the basics to the most advanced techniques in off-roading.

Ultra Adventure Driving also offers the option of Pay and Play, for those who are ready to jump right in to the action without the need for a briefing. Some of Ultra Adventure Driving’s 20 outlets are purpose built, including one designed by Land Rover, where others are naturally formed, unspoilt land. Ultra Adventure caters for drivers of all skill levels, with some sites featuring gentle, non-damaging terrain for novice drivers, and others being home to huge rocky climbs, muddy slopes, ditches and river crossings designed to be a challenge for even the most skilled off-roaders.

Learn more about Ultra Adventure Driving at

Ash 4x4

Based in the countryside of Hawkstone park follies, Ash 4x4 is a small off-roading outlet that will bring drivers an exciting experience tackling some extremely challenging obstacles. The location of Ash 4x4 offers drivers a wide range of driving conditions, with terrain suitable for everyone from novices to experts. Ash 4x4 offers both Pay and Play open sessions, and extensive off-road training for those who wish to improve their driving skills. With Weekend events, Pay and Play, corporate hospitality and vehicle demonstrations, there is enough at Ash 4x4 to keep everybody entertained.

Learn more about Ash 4x4 at

True Grip Off-Road

True Grip Off Road is a professional off-roading outlet designed for off-road 4x4’s and quad bikes. Set in the Kent countryside, on Eastwell Park estate, True Grip is the premium off-road site for the South of England. True Grip offers the option to jump straight in with Pay and Play driving, or take part in professional training with their team of highly qualified instructors. The True Grip trail has a huge range of obstacles from river crossings and muddy climbs to steep declines and big drops. This range of terrain allows drivers to tailor their route to suit themselves based on their driving capabilities.

Visit True Grip’s site to learn more about what they have to offer at

Bala 4x4

Situated in Llandderfel, Wales, Bala 4x4 is a famous off-roading location. Rocky climbs, steep descents, river crossings and much more can be expected when visiting Bala 4x4. Located in the mountains around the village of Bala, the off-roading outlet boasts extraordinary views of the Bala lake and the lush green hillside surroundings. Due to its beautiful scenery and exciting obstacles, Bala 4x4 is the chosen setting for various off-road 4x4 photo shoots, vehicle launches and events. The relaxing environment of Bala makes for the perfect off-road driving experience for off-road enthusiasts, and is highly recommended as a place to visit with your 4x4.

Visit to learn more.

Get Out There

Now that you know some of the best places to go off-roading in the UK, it’s time for you to gear up and get out there. Before attending any off-road event, make sure that your car is in a suitable condition, and is not going to be a danger to you out in the field. Always ensure that your tyres are in good condition, free of any micro-tears, slashes or bald spots, and that they are suitable for whatever purpose they are going to be used for. If you need a new set of 4x4 tyres, visit the 4SITE tyre selector to find your local 4SITE Tyre Centre now.

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