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Introducing the BF Goodrich Urban Terrain tyre
07 July 2016

Introducing the BF Goodrich Urban Terrain traction advantage tyre. The latest addition to the BF Goodrich range is the brand’s very first SUV and crossover tyre for performance that’s easily comparable to their premium 4x4 tyres. The new urban terrain T/A tyre is designed to offer long lasting high performance and versatility. Featuring the 3 peak snowflake symbol, it provides stable driving in icy conditions, in a stylish low profile design.

A Tougher SUV Tyre

The new BF Goodrich Urban Terrain T/A tyre has been designed with a 20% stronger casing than the previous 4x4 tyre release from the tyre giant. Its strong cord casing is able to stand up to the challenges that your vehicle is put through every day, from the school run to long holiday drives through country lanes and over rough terrain. Offering unbeatable toughness and a strengthened carcass tissue to increase the breaking load, these BF Goodrich on road 4x4 tyres are perfect for drivers of SUVs and urban crossover vehicles who really put their car to the test.

Versatility With Improved Traction

BF Goodrich’s new Urban Terrain tyre is designed with special traction advantage. It incorporates wide grooves, cross grooves and deep sipes in its tread pattern to allow water and snow to escape easier, reducing the chance of wheel-spinning, aquaplaning or skidding. The new BF Goodrich tyre also carries the 3 peak mountain snowflake tyres (3PMSF) symbol – the guarantee that your tyres pass the grip test on snow and ice. The cross groove design of the tread pattern allows for exceptional traction, even in snowy conditions. With the careful placement of each groove and sipe, the BF Goodrich T/A tyre grips perfectly on every surface.

Designed To Last

Although all BF Goodrich tyres offer long lasting and reliable performance, the new Urban Terrain T/A is in a league of its own. The perfectly designed asymmetrical tread pattern is laid out in such a way that it withstands regular wear, and the deep tread lengthens tyre life, giving you more tyre to wear down before they need replacing.

Save On Seasonal Tyres

The BF Goodrich Urban Terrain SUV tyre performs expertly all year round. This tyre has been designed to offer maximum performance throughout the seasons, saving you a fortune that would be spent on a set of winter tyres. Along with significant savings, the BF Goodrich T/A tyre offers increased versatility and control in snowy conditions, meaning they are safer than many other all season SUV tyres.

Improved Safety Function

Traction advantage makes driving safer. With the excellent grip and perfected tread pattern of the BF Goodrich Urban Terrain T/A tyre, you’ll feel the difference. The high grip tread pattern makes for more control when braking, and a longer braking distance, making driving safer in all conditions. The thick tyre width along with the carefully crafted tread design makes cornering easier and more stable due to their superb grip.

Compatible With: Dacia Duster, Kia Sportage, Vauxhall Mokka, Nissan Qashqai, Suzuki Vitara, Jeep Cherokee, Volkswagen Touareg and Tiguan, Hyundai iX35, Range Rover, and Ford Kuga to name a few. Currently available in 18 sizes.

Ready to invest in the brand new BF Goodrich Urban Terrain T/A Tyres?

If you want to get yourself a set of the new BF Goodrich SUV tyres, visit our BF Goodrich 4x4 tyres page. Or to view our entire range of premium and everyday options, visit our full 4x4 tyres selection. We offer a wide range of different tyres for off-road, on-road, and all terrain use, as well as supplying a large selection of sizes for a number of different vehicles. Get your BF Goodrich 4x4 tyres today.

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