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Grabber AT vs Grabber AT2: What’s the difference?
11 December 2015

With the release of General Tire’s new Grabber all terrain tyre, the AT, the team at 4SITE have taken a closer look at the original Grabber AT2 and its new counterpart, in order to identify how the changes made to the new General Grabber AT tyre fares in both on road and off road conditions. Take a look at the changes made to the brand new Grabber all terrain tyre to see if it’s the right fit for your 4x4 vehicle.

Off road performance


Where the old Grabber AT2 tyre offered excellent traction off road, the new AT has, quite simply, been further optimised for off road conditions. With a tear resistant tread compound, the tyre offers cut out shoulder blocks and interlocking block edges for extra traction in difficult terrain. The stiffness of the shoulder blocks provides reinforced strength for difficult conditions where tyres are prone to being damaged, giving you better all-round steering.

When it comes to driving through muddy terrain, the central traction grooves offer exceptional grip, and according to General Tire, are self-cleaning. This allows for excellent off road performance where mud can be tricky to manoeuvre through, especially in wet conditions. Furthermore, the additional ridges at the base of each groove takes the Grabber AT’s traction performance to another level, accounting for difficult off road terrain such as wet and sticky mud or grass.

Driving on loose ground has been dramatically improved with this General Grabber upgrade. Unlike the original Grabber AT2 tyre, the new model has a slightly wider area of contact with the ground so in sandy conditions there is a more even distribution of pressure making it easier to manoeuvre over sand dunes when needed.

Tread and Shoulder

Naturally, the tread compound is solid. And because the original Grabber AT tyre was so carefully produced to withstand potential tears, the new tyre has been modified only slightly to improve its tread quality further. The tread block shapes have been optimised with computer technology to provide an aggressive tread pattern, with v shaped grooves and twisting block edges that all add up to increased traction and improved sturdiness. The cleverly optimised tread pattern means less risk of damage from loose stones and a tyre that withstands your off road driving habit.

It’s clear that the shoulder blocks have been extended further, creeping over onto the sidewall of the tyre. Unlike the original all terrain Grabber tyre, the extended shoulder is more aggressive in its pattern, making for a much more resilient sidewall which is less likely to see damage caused by loose gravel or sharp stones. There has also been a significant change to the rim protector of the tyre – it more effectively protects the rim from damage, deflecting stones when needed.

On road performance

Noise Reduction and Comfort

One of the main reasons the Grabber AT2 has been modified is to reduce its noise on road. With the Grabber tyres performing so well off road, there will undoubtedly be drawbacks on road. But the new all terrain Grabber has seen vast improvements in noise reduction due to its smoother block edges and sipe orientation. Although aggressive, the sweeping sipe orientation formed by computer optimisation makes for a much quieter ride than before and a more comfortable journey too.

Traction in wet and wintry conditions

When driving in wet conditions, the new Grabber AT is a force to be reckoned with, as its new tread pattern with grooves that successfully drain water away makes for an excellent performance in flooded conditions. The main grooves on the tyre provide a lateral and longitudinal orientation so that water is drained away quickly, leaving you with much better traction and handling in wet conditions, and significantly less chance of aquaplaning. The sipe system of the tyre is fully equipped to deal with wet conditions, having a micro drainage system that keeps sipes free of water, leaving you much safer in your vehicle in wet conditions.

With wide grooves that are deeper than the original Grabber tyre, the AT offers secure driving in snowy conditions too. Providing superb traction in hard packed snow and ice, the added deep angled sipes on the tyre give you high performing grip in the most difficult of on road conditions.

More mileage

With the surface area of the tyre that comes into contact with the road, there is a much more even distribution of weight on the tyre. And with a more even pressure across a wider area of the tyre, you’re bound to see more even wear of your tread – giving you more on road mileage. Along with the improved robustness of the overall structure of the tyre, the Grabber AT essentially gives you high mileage performance.

The Verdict

General Tire has addressed concerns that came with the original Grabber AT2 tyre, and quite frankly have made improvements that didn’t necessarily need addressing – the original was that good. The main concerns were reducing noise produced by the tyres and increased water dispersion on road. With stricter noise regulations and a higher demand for better road performance, the Grabber AT2 has seen an excellent improvement due to its dynamic tread compound that is surprisingly quiet. And with the extended shoulder blocks, the tyre is undoubtedly stronger than ever, reducing the risk of damage off road, and leaving you with an undeniably powerful all terrain tyre.

If you want to try the new General Tire Grabber AT tyres, find your local 4SITE dealer now – we’ll help you find a specialist 4x4 tyre dealer who will offer you a quick and efficient fitting.

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