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Top 5 Extreme Off-Roading Holidays For 4x4 Enthusiasts
08 August 2016

If you’re enthusiastic about off-road driving and your 4x4 vehicle, why not take a trip away to take on new terrain? In this blog, we take a look at five of the best extreme off-roading holidays for you and your 4X4.

Preparing For Your Holiday

If you plan on taking an extreme off-roading 4x4 holiday, it is important that you prepare. Fill up your tank, and take some spare fuel, you don’t want to be left at the bottom of a ditch with no way to get yourself back out. Taking a puncture repair kit with you is also a good idea; you don’t want to let a rock get the better of you, and most importantly, equip your car with a durable, high quality set of off-road mud tyres. Now that you know how to prepare for your adventure, let’s take a look at some of the top places to travel for a great 4x4 holiday.

1. Discover Desert Driving in Morocco

Morocco is an amazing location for extreme 4x4 holidays. The country’s vast landscapes offer huge desert plains, meaning you can go all out tackling sandy hill climbs and descents, and pushing your 4x4 on long, free, desert drives. Morocco also offers mountainous terrain, meaning a change of scenery, and driving style, as you climb the beautiful rocky hillsides. Take a look at Waypoint tours to see the range of 4x4 holidays they offer to Morocco.

2. Take on Snowy Plains in Iceland

Discover the untouched beauty of Iceland’s snowy plains on a 4x4 adventure. With a range of terrain, and an array of obstacles to take on, Iceland holds everything you need for an extraordinary off-road expedition. From vast snowy plains, to steep rocky mountains, you’ll be sure to experience a once in a lifetime trip. Interested in Iceland? Check out Discover The World’s Iceland holidays and see what they have to offer.

3. Take on a Mountain Adventure in The Alps

The Alps is the perfect location for a 4x4 adventure for dedicated off-road enthusiasts. 4x4 journeys through the alps will take you powering through some of the highest alpine passes, cruising through glaciers and past snow-clad mountainous peaks. The unbeatable off-roading is not the only thing the Alps have to offer. The high mountains and beautiful landscapes also make for some amazing views. Atlas Overland provides tours through the Alps. Visit their website to find out more.

4. Experience Sun, Sand and Steering in Spain

For an amazing 4x4 experience, take your vehicle to Spain and get cruising off-road. A share of winding paths through Spanish woodland, river crosses and mountain climbs make for an exciting experience. With such a range of terrain and gloriously warm temperatures for much of the year, you can be sure to enjoy every second of your expedition. Ready to get started? Visit Spanish4x4 and learn about their holidays.

5. Push Your Off-Roading Skills to the Limit in Peru

Looking for an extreme off-roading challenge? Peru promises some of the harshest terrain and amazing sights. From the vast deserts of Paracas, to the rugged Inca trail, you’ll discover a range of terrain perfect for every different style of 4x4 driving, meaning a chance to truly put your skills to the test. And of course, with Peru’s beautiful landscapes, the scenery will make every hill climb, steep descent, river crossing, and mud track worthwhile.

If you’re interested in a holiday to Peru, check out Peru Safari, and see what they have to offer.

Get Exploring

Every 4x4 enthusiast should take a holiday with their car. It is a chance to see new places and explore the world all from the comfort of your own 4x4 vehicle. Extreme off-roading holidays let you see new terrain, and tackle obstacles that you’d never find at home in the UK. So fill up your tank, equip your car with a set of fresh mud tyres, and get out there and take on the world. To ready your car for an extreme off-roading 4x4 holiday, check out our range of durable and reliable off-road 4x4 tyres. Alternatively, find the tyres you’ll need using our tyre selector – simply enter the size you require and the type of 4x4 tyre you’ll need along with your postcode. Then book in a 4x4 tyre fitting that’s local to you.

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