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The General Grabber AT3 is an exceptional all-season, all-terrain 4x4 tyre designed by General Tire offering outstanding performance both on and off-road. The General Tire Grabber AT3 features the same rugged build as the AT2, protecting the tracks and sidewall from damage, and ensuring a comfortable ride for the driver. As the third in a series of impressive all-terrain tyres, the General Grabber AT3 is a huge improvement upon its predecessors, being the first of the General Grabber tyres to be made with all three of General Tire’s brand new technologies - TracGen, DuraGen and ComfortBalance.


The Grabber AT3 is the first tyre made with General Tire’s TracGen technology. Featuring an open shoulder tread layout with a number of traction pockets and angled sipes, TracGen technology provides the Grabber AT3 with extraordinary grip on loose terrain and gives it an incredible self-cleaning ability, meaning less work for you.


DuraGen is designed to aid the tyres on rough terrain. The tyre is made with a newly designed compound allowing for excellent chip and cut resistance, with stone bumpers protecting the tread base to stop stones getting stuck and causing damage to the tyre, and sturdy steel belts to keep the tyres solid - boosting your ability to cover ground quickly on loose terrain.


Along with DuraGen and TracGen technologies, the General Grabber AT3 features ComfortBalance technology. ComfortBalance provides the General Grabber AT3 with exceptional all-terrain ability. The low stiffness tread and modified block positioning in the centre of the tyre makes for a perfect balance of on-road comfort and off-road ability.

The General Tire Grabber AT3 is a substantial upgrade over previous General Grabber all-terrain tyres. Offering a significant improvement in traction on loose terrain, more comfort through everyday driving, and a higher resistance to tread damage than past models.

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Ordering tyres with 4SITE 4x4 tyres is easier than ever. To order your Grabber AT3 tyres, simply visit our Tyre Selector and tell us what vehicle you own, search for the General Grabber AT3 and see what stock we have compatible to your car.

When you’ve selected the tyres you want, find your most convenient 4SITE 4x4 Tyres approved tyre centre and book in a fitting slot. Most bookings can be arranged within 24 hours, getting you back on the road in no time.

Discover our entire range of General Tire tyres today. Order via our online Tyre Selector or call us on 0870 112 9401.

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"These are the best all terrain tyres I have driven on, they are extremely quiet for an all-terrain tyre and better MPG against the General Grabber AT."

October 2017
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