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B.F. GOODRICH Activan 4S

B.F. GOODRICH Activan 4S

Keep control of your business, in all seasons

B.F. GOODRICH Activan 4S

For independents who want total safety at the right price! The BFGoodrich® Activan4S tyre rolls tough and secure at any time of the year.
  • No more rotation fees twice a year (winter and summer).
  • Safety on snow thanks to 3PMSF certification.
  • Excellent grip on wet surfaces.
  • Robust structure that lasts.
Simple and Cost Effective, Year-Round
Good or bad weather, no big deal! The all-season BFGoodrich® Activan4S tyre saves you time and money. No more rotation fees when you drive it year-round! Whatever the weather throws under your wheel, you stay operational and out on the road.
You’re in Control, whatever the Surface
With a hefty B score, the BFGoodrich® Activan4S tyre grips wet surfaces. There’s snow? No stress! It’s 3PMSF certified. Pull out and brake like normal, and your van handles like a beauty. Even when there’s a pothole, a sidewalk or any other trick the road pulls out, the robust structure resists and keeps rolling.
BFGoodrich® Does Not Compromise
You’ve already got loads on your mind –and in your van –when you head out to work each day. BFGoodrich® has your back for the road. Even after driving it for 150 years, we’re still here to work hard.

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