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GENERAL Winter Tyre Extra Load Tyre
215/70R16 GE SNOWGRB+[2] 100H
  • E

  • C

  • 72dB

Speed: H (Max Speed: 130mph)
Load Index: 100

GENERAL Snow Grabber Plus 215/70R16 100H XL

ORGI Rating


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GENERAL Snow Grabber Plus 215/70R16 100H XL

The General Tire Snow Grabber plus is General Tire‘s new SUV/4x4 dedicated non-studded Winter tyre.The General Tire Snow Grabber Plus replaces the non-studded General Tire Snow Grabber. This winter tyre offers SUV/4x4 specific toughness and winter performance while maintaining a high level of comfort comparable to passenger car and 4x4 tyres.


Tracgen Technology

Experience exceptional traction in winter Snow Ridges help you stay in control on snow covered roads providing excellent grip especially when cornering. Jagged Groove Walls provide a wider contact area that achieves shorter stopping distances on snow. Exceptional winter performance is guaranteed!

Duragen Technology

Reinforce your confidence The Snow Grabber Plus utilises a robust structure concept with Tread Block Reinforcement Buttress that adds strength and rigidity to tread blocks and reduces block damage. lnterlocking
SUV Winter Sipes decrease block deformation which improves stability when the vehicle is heavily loaded. Ultra high strength steel belts achieve exceptional penetration resistance and a uniform footprint for confident stability during your winter adventure.

High Mileage

The computer-optimised pattern design achieves a uniform material distribution which lets you gather more miles thanks to the even wear shape. The optimised pattern stiffness allows an even pressure distribution that minimises wear-causing distortion. Benefit from the extended tread life that lets you enjoy extra miles!


Off-shoulder design - Macro blocks on the off-shoulder area provide additional biting edges to improve grip and driving control on deep snow.

Snow grooves - Two circumferential grooves on the upper sidewall area provide additional void to discharge snow to enhance deep snow traction.

Rim protection rib - The Rim Protection Rib shields the tyre and wheel bead area from damage caused by curbstones and off-road obstacles.

The Snow Grabber Plus tyre's "Snow Claw design" symbolises the innovative Traction features to take you anywhere, even in the worst wintry conditions

Let the Snow Grabber Plus tyre tell you when it’s a good time for a tyre change. The 4x4 tyre technology that increases your safety.

The Winter TWI (Tread Wear Indicator) indicates a remaining tread depth of 4mm. We recommend that the tyres should be changed when the tread depth reaches 4 mm in order to optimise safety in the wet and snow. lf the tyre is worn down to the Winter TWl, this is a clear signal that the tyre needs to be changed.

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