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Working Off-Road

Although 4x4 is a lifestyle choice for many people, for others it is a necessity. Far away from off-road events in the exotic environments of distant continents, people are working day to day in the fields, farms and construction sites of the UK. The work of these people is extremely important in keeping the country running; anything that hinders their progress also causes difficulty for the rest of us. This means that the people, who grow our food, service our amenities and construct and repair our transport systems must be properly equipped to deal with everything that faces them.

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These Farmers, engineers, servicing technicians, construction workers, and anyone else who works in difficult, muddy or marshy conditions, will understand the necessity for tyres with maximum traction in soft soil, mud and grass.

Although these people may work in these conditions, they will also require the flexibility of driving on-road. Our range of superb mud terrain and all terrain tyres offer the flexibility of on-road performance and off-road grip as well as superb resistance to muddy, soft ground.

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