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Taurus 4x4 & SUV Tyres

Taurus’ heritage began in Budapest in 1882. In 1973, the company adopted the name Taurus Hungarian Rubber Works and later in 2013, the company started production of passenger car tyres. Since 1996, Taurus has been manufactured by Michelin in Serbia.

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ORGI Rating 4

The TAURUS 701 offers good water evacuation from four longitudinal grooves. Grip in dry wet and winter conditions is achieved by the density of sipes and the tyres are M+S (Mud and Snow) marked on the sidewall. Designed for safety and durability for car and SUV, the dedicated SUV tyre also includes a strengthened sidewall for shock resistance.


ORGI Rating 1

TAURUS ALL SEASON SUV for multi-condition use has a modern tread design. Helping to deliver safety and comfort in all weathers, the silica compound optimises braking on wet and dry roads. The strengthened sidewall aids shock resistance. The tyre is 3PMSF (3 Peaks Mountain Snowflake) accredited and M+S marked.


ORGI Rating 1

An aggressive all-terrain tread design ensures the ROAD-TERRAIN meets market expectations with a pattern designed for multi surface usage. The highly durable double-layered casing, with double steel belt protection, helps provide safety and toughness. For ride comfort there is good shock resistance in rough terrain and the tread has been designed for long wear life.

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