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Owning a 4x4 vehicle doesn’t mean that you need to use it off-road. A growing number of people are recognising that 4x4s are now equally at home as on the roads as they are away from them. This is understandable; as many of these vehicles now share characteristics with high end road vehicles, with 4 wheel drive providing more reliable driving in wet and icy conditions, and the larger, bulkier chassis improving safety for the occupants. This use of 4x4 vehicles is seen often in the open country, as the roads are generally more dangerous and badly maintained, requiring a solid chassis and better suspension. However, many are only ever driven in urban areas, with the reasons for ownership including visual appeal, personal comfort and occasional need of flexibility.

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Countless drivers currently commute to and from work, take their children to school, and travel on holidays through the use of road-able 4x4s. More and more vehicles are being produced with these uses in mind, and many have dedicated on-road features such as cruise control and lane assist. For the on-road user 4SITE 4x4 Tyres supplies a range of premium road tyres from Pirelli, an expert manufacturer, along with other producers.

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