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extreme off road tyres

Extreme Off Road Tyres

When it comes to pastimes, 4x4 vehicles aren’t always a means to an end. For countless enthusiasts, collectors, builders and competitors, 4x4 is a way of life- a hobby itself. The 4x4 hobby is varied and exciting, spanning multiple vehicle classes and almost every continent. Groups around the globe regularly compete in off-road events as well as attending 4x4 meet-ups and exhibitions. Ranging from more open, spectator based events such as the Baja 1000, all the way to the hardcore Dakar Rally, events require the ultimate grip, toughness and extreme off-road performance that a tyre can provide.

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If you are a 4x4 enthusiast or competitive off-road driver, then you already know how important it is to be fitted with appropriate tyres. A mistake in choosing the tyres for your vehicle could cost you dearly; in terms of competition, repairs or even injury.  Here at 4SITE 4x4 Tyres, our priority is ensuring your safety and enjoyment through high quality 4x4 tyre products. We can supply robust, reliable off road 4x4 tyres from esteemed manufacturers such as BF Goodrich, General Tire and Falken. Off-road tyres need an aggressive tread pattern, with excellent durability and powerful traction; our 4x4 tyres can deliver this level of high performance and more.

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