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ORGI Rating (Off Road Grading Index)

Choosing the right tyre can be difficult. Every tyre that a manufacturer makes is designed with specific strengths in mind. How well the tyre performs to these strengths depends on the construction methods, materials used and the technologies applied in the design and testing process. 4X4 tyres by definition introduce even more variables than these into the mixing pot.

To make it a little easier to select the right tyre, a good place to start is to think about what you intend to use your 4X4 for.

If you are intending to use your vehicle off road then you need to determine just how extreme the terrain is likely to be and how much time you are likely to spend on it.

The ORGI guide assigns every 4X4 tyre we feature with an off-road competency rating between 1 & 10. From here it is possible to disregard certain tyres as unsuitable and narrow the field of selection down. Note that this is a subjective rating. Each tyre is assigned its level of off-road ability according to a combination of our theoretical and practical experience, coupled with manufacturer and consumer feedback. Also, note that generally the more aggressive the tyre, the less competent it will be on the road. Although the very best tyres like General Tire and BF Goodrich will still have good road manners, you will find that tyres generally become noisier when they are more off-road biased.

ORGI - 1    2  3  4  5
Audi A4 All Road ORGI - 1

 biased.    6 7  8 9 10
Land Rover Defender ORGI – 10

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