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Choosing the Right Tyre for Your 4x4

UK’s largest and most comprehensive range of 4X4 tyres and wheels.

Choosing the right tyre sizes

There are many off and on-road sizes that may work with your vehicle. Within those sizes there are also many different types of 4X4 tyre. Some differences in tyres are cosmetic whilst others have been engineered to maximise your vehicle’s performance in specific ways.
Some tyres are designed to maximise on-road handling as well as performance and others are designed to gain maximum traction over certain surfaces such as mud, sand and snow.

There are also lots of tyres in between these two extremes that provide a good standard of on-road performance, with varying degrees of off-road competency.
The price of 4X4 tyres usually varies in line with the varying amount of technology and quality of tyre construction.
This guide to our products will hopefully make things easier for you to understand, however if you are still unsure, ask us for objective product advice, call our team to guide you.

If you want to re-size then it is important to seek expert advice. Remember that your tyres are your vehicle’s only contact with the road, so getting this right is very critical for optimum performance and tyre safety. Remember; if you change your tyre and wheel size this will have an affect your steering, braking, cornering, speed dial readings, ABS, gearing and 4X4 differentials. The 4X4 technical team can guide you through this process and give you responsible advice regarding fitments.

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