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Big Brands, Big Names accompany 4SITE to Scottish Game Fair 2016
23 June 2016

4SITE 4X4 Tyres will be exhibiting at the Scottish Game Fair, which takes place at Scone Palace in Perth from 1 - 3 July, 2016. As sponsors and exhibitors of the event, we’ll be showcasing the very best of our products and service offering, as well as providing hands-on advice on how to enjoy the best off road driving Scotland has to offer...

Are 4x4 Remoulded Tyres Safe?
07 June 2016

What is tyre retreading/remoulding?Remoulding is the process by which the carcass of a used tyre is recycled. The remaining tyre tread on the used tyre is stripped away and new rubber is moulded to the carcass in order to replace the sidewalls and tread with a new, roadworthy finish.

What are the Best Off-Road Trails in the UK?
19 May 2016

When you think about going off-roading, extreme river crossings and muddy hill climbs naturally spring to mind. However, as experienced off-road enthusiasts will understand, this isn’t always the case with many 4x4 off-roading experiences. Some trails promise a real experience for off-road fanatics, while others are nothing more than a loo...

How Important Is Tyre Rotation
06 May 2016

Rotating your tyres frequently can mean a prolonged tyre life, and less time and money spent replacing expensive sets of tyres. And if it’s done properly, it can also improve your fuel efficiency, enhance handling, and increase safety. But how important is tyre rotation? And how easy is it to do on a regular basis? Read our guide on tyre r...

Does Towing Cause Uneven Tyre Wear?
29 April 2016

Using your vehicle as a tow is one of the many benefits of owning a larger 4x4 vehicle. But with frequent towing there are a few issues that can arise if you’re unaware of the possibility of the misalignment of your axles, or exceeding the recommended amount of weight for your trailer. One of the most common effects of incorrectly towing i...

Recession Still Has a Grip on UK Tyre Sales
15 December 2015

Nearly three in five tyres are worn down to below the legal level before being changed as drivers try to save cash. At the 2008 recession less than one fifth of tread fell beneath the 1.6mm limit. Even as the economy picks up, motorists are still  risking their safety. The trend was spotted by Micheldever Tyre and Auto Services, one of the...

Grabber AT vs Grabber AT2: What’s the difference?
11 December 2015

With the release of General Tire’s new Grabber all terrain tyre, the AT, the team at 4SITE have taken a closer look at the original Grabber AT2 and its new counterpart, in order to identify how the changes made to the new General Grabber AT tyre fares in both on road and off road conditions. Take a look at the changes made to the brand new...

On Road, Off Road, All Terrain: What’s the difference?
11 December 2015

As 4x4 and crossover vehicles become increasingly popular, so too does the varying range of tyres. From on road to off road as well as all terrain tyres, there’s plenty to choose from, but what is the difference between them and which is the right choice for your vehicle?

The Dangers Of Part Worn Tyres
10 December 2015

Have you ever bought part worn tyres for your vehicle? We consider the potential dangers of part worn tyres and whether they're worth the cost saving.

BFG/ BF Goodrich's latest 4x4 tyre - KO2
30 November 2015

Is the New BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2 a Future Classic? More than 30 years after the very first BF Goodrich all terrain tyre was introduced to the market, the brand new BFG A/T KO2 tyre has landed and has a lot to live up to. Sitting somewhere between BF Goodrich’s on road tyres and their mud terrain tyres, the new BFG all terrain KO2 ...

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