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BFG/ BF Goodrich's latest 4x4 tyre - KO2
30 November 2015

Is the New BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2 a Future Classic?

More than 30 years after the very first BF Goodrich all terrain tyre was introduced to the market, the brand new BFG A/T KO2 tyre has landed and has a lot to live up to. Sitting somewhere between BF Goodrich’s on road tyres and their mud terrain tyres, the new BFG all terrain KO2 is intended to improve handling in both on road and off road driving situations. But how does it really live up to expectations? We take a look at the enhanced features of BFG’s new all terrain tyre and ask whether this new BF Goodrich tyre will become a guaranteed classic.

Increased tread life

The tread compound of the new BFG KO2 has been redesigned using BF Goodrich’s Core Guard technology, reformulated to be more resistant to wear and tear than its predecessor. Acting on feedback from the previous KO tyre, the KO2 has addressed this with its improved tread and prolonged lifespan across more miles. It has even been reported that the tread life of the new BF Goodrich A/T KO2 could increase by 15% when used predominantly on road.

Strengthened sidewall

In addition to the improved tread is the 3 ply sidewall, increasing the strength of the tyre and subsequently prolonging its overall tread life. BF Goodrich claims that the sidewall of the tyre is 20% tougher with thicker rubber and an improved deflection design for a reduced risk of sidewall damage.

Extended shoulder

The shoulders have also been extended for a lower reach and more rubber has been added to the upper section of the sidewall, essentially extending the tread and eradicating a weaker area of the tyre. The shoulder design has also changed. With a swept back design, the sidewall is now less vulnerable to splitting and much better equipped when it comes to deflecting rocks and gravel.

Improved traction

With an improved all terrain tyre from BF Goodrich you would expect upgraded traction in all conditions, on road and off road. And with the structural tweaks that have been made to the KO2 model, there have been some clear improvements in dry and wet conditions, not to mention off road capabilities. Traction in dry conditions, whether on sand or gravel, has noticeably improved. Meanwhile traction in wet conditions when using the new KO2 sees the tyre resist aquaplaning at high speeds, and exceptional braking performance. The fun really starts when you try the BF Goodrich KO2 off road. Exceeding all expectations and surpassing the previous KO tyre, the new KO2 will unsurprisingly tear through difficult off road terrain easily. It was, after all, tested in the Baja 1000 by BF Goodrich and won the race due to its improved traction quality in difficult conditions. There were instances where the previous KO tyre needed improvement in wet and snowy conditions. And these issues have been fully addressed with the new BFG A/T KO2. With its increased 3D tread block sipes there is enhanced traction in snow – BF Goodrich even claims that the KO2 has 62% more sipes than the previous KO tyre, which gives it approximately 19% better traction in snow.

Better handling

The new KO2 undoubtedly has highly responsive steering, and driving through slush and mud is no problem for the tyre. Even when handling corners, the tyre holds efficiently and does not leave room for rolling whatsoever. What’s more, there is minimal noise from the tyres whether you’re driving on or off road. Of course, you’re not going to get the smoothest ride with these tyres, but it’s safe to say that they offer aggressive traction without causing an uncomfortable ride. The well recognised tread pattern remains on the BFG KO2 because why change something that works? Along with the extended shoulder, toughened sidewall, enhanced traction and improved handling, the new BF Goodrich all terrain KO2 has seen significant improvements on its predecessor. And when it’s placed side by side with its competition, such as the Goodyear DuraTrac, there’s no real comparison. Want to invest in a brand new set of BF Goodrich all terrain KO2 tyres? Find out where your local 4x4 tyre dealer is today for an efficient and professional service.

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