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Are You Ready for The Back to School Run?
30 August 2016

It’s that time of year; the return to school is around the corner and it’s important to make sure that you and your vehicle are ready for the school run.

4x4 vehicles aren’t just for off-road use, and a large percentage of 4x4 drivers own their cars for more than just their off-road capabilities. 4x4s are stylish, comfortable, and safe for the occupants of the vehicle. They are becoming more common for family use and on-road driving, and if you’re the owner of a family 4x4, it is important that your vehicle is ready for the back to school run.

Is Your 4x4 Ready for the School Run?

It’s crucial that your car is ready to make the back and forth runs that school brings. As a 4x4 owner, you will know that equipping your vehicle with a new set of tyres will improve your drive quality, making it both comfortable and safe.

If your 4x4 is used purely on road, it is wise to invest in a brand new set of high-quality on-road tyres. While not designed for extensive off-road driving, on-road tyres are the best tyres possible for use in urban environments. Offering a smooth ride and impressive durability, investing in a set of high quality on-road tyres will give you everything you need for the back to school run.

For more about the 4x4 on-road lifestyle, check out our On-Road Lifestyle page and watch our video.

Have You Got The Right Tyres?

Something that is often overlooked is the type of tyres your 4x4 is equipped with. Believe it or not, using a set of unsuitable tyres on the road can cause lots of issues.

If your 4x4 is equipped with a set of off-road tyres, your on-road driving experience will be affected greatly. When off-road tyres are used on-road, they will be worn down quickly, meaning the time in which you must replace your tyres will be cut down significantly. Off-road tyres also lead to higher fuel consumption, costing you more money.

It is also important to check that all of your tyres are the same. Using different sized tyres or tyres from different brands can also be very dangerous, and can potentially damage your vehicle’s drivetrain.

At 4SITE 4x4, we recommend premium Pirelli 4x4 road tyres, a strong and stylish set of on-road tyres, perfect for the back to school run.

Check Your Tyre Wear

As you may already know, it is illegal to drive a vehicle once the tread of the tyres has worn down to a certain level. If a tyre is worn down below 1.6mm on your 4x4, you should not legally drive it until your tyres are replaced. At 4SITE 4x4, we recommend not allowing your tyre to wear to this level, as it can significantly affect important factors, like braking distance and grip. If your tyres are worn down to the point of 1.6mm or less, it is crucial that you replace your 4x4 tyres as soon as possible, both to meet legal requirements and to ensure the safety of your vehicle and the occupants.

To learn more about tyre care and 4x4 tyre safety, read our Tyre Care & Safety Tips page.

A Range of 4x4 Tyres

At 4SITE 4x4, we understand the importance of having a safe and suitable set of 4x4 tyres. That’s why we make sure to provide a range of high quality 4x4 tyres in all different sizes and brands and to suit every different driving style. Choose from a range of on-road tyres, off-road tyres, and all-terrain tyres to fit your vehicle.

To prepare your vehicle for the back to school run, invest in a brand new set of premium on-road 4x4 tyres. Use our 4x4 On Road Tyre Selector today to find the perfect set for you. Alternatively, browse our range of 4x4 tyres and shop by brand.

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